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Oil Healing 88.00  30 minutes


30 min 

An individual combination of essential oils, at least 10 different, will be applied directly to your body.
The exact mix is always personnalized, corresponding to your current state, mood and desire to experience.
To give you some ideas, the oil blends can support your digestive system as well as lymphatic flow, reinforce the vital energy and / or bring joy and happiness, washing away the clouds from your personal universe as well as from your body.

The essential oils work in a deep cellular level, activating new qualities INSIDE YOURSELF.
The influence and results are always individual, the things that need to be healed deep inside yourself, will flow out and you will free immediately free and REJUVENATED

* Cures of 5 + 1 or 10 + 3 sessions are also available, one session starting from 68€. Ask me directly.

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