Become the SCULPTOR of your FACE !

“You can become the sculptor of your own face and conserve your youthful skin”

After working for several years in the world of haute couture, Mari Lakspere decided to radically reorient herself in the beauty sector by creating in 2015, Les Cils de Marie, a concept of high-end eyelash extensions salons. The brand quickly became very successful and Mari opened several institutes in Paris and Neuilly-sur-Seine. Since then, the salons Les Cils de Marie are known as being among the best Parisian addresses for the beauty of the eyes, acclaimed by many prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan or Grazia and by a VIP and international clientele.

For years Mari Lakspere has also been an avid yoga enthusiast and has acquired a teaching level in YIN yoga. A follower of alternative and holistic medicines, Mari always favors natural well-being and has thus established it in his lifestyle, in particular through the practice of Ayurveda (traditional Chinese medicine). It is this philosophy that drives her every day to find natural and non-invasive resources to preserve the youthfulness of her skin, feel good about her body and maintain good health.

In this perpetual quest, Mari is always at the forefront of new health and beauty trends that she discovers around the world and constantly trains herself to supplement her knowledge acquired over the years.

From the age of 30, Mari began to see small signs of aging on her face, the first wrinkles around her mouth and eyes and her face looked swollen to her when she woke up and started looking for natural anti-aging solutions.

It was during a trip to Moscow, that she “by chance” discovered the Face Fitness method. Although this technique originated in the United States, Russian women, who worship beauty, have for more than 10 years developed different methods of lifting and relaxing exercises for the face with incredible results, similar to those of cosmetic surgery.

Mari Lakspere then trained in this technique and imported it to France in 2019, creating the ÖKO Face Fitness brand, which today offers group masterclasses, individual sessions and a video platform to perform all the exercises easily at home.

Mari is constantly training, testing and reworking the best techniques in the field to offer new and ever more effective protocols. It combines several complementary methods for the face and the body to obtain an optimal result.

ÖKO Face Fitness is continuously developing and today includes a wide range of methods: Series of exercises to work all areas of the face, auto- massage techniques, intraoral massage, suction cup massages, the new technique of taping and many more to come…